Public Lectures: International Relations

  Current Affairs Committee, HKUSU council and University Affairs Committee, HKUSU council will be organising public lectures in response to the aim ‘Boycott Classes, Not Education’ of the Class Boycott Campaign. Professionals from various sectors will be invited for knowledge exchange with fellow students to deepen their understanding of the society and thus ponder its […]

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Occupy University Street

  港大人,請肩負時代賦予我們的責任。 Full Gear、Black Bloc為記。 星期一至四,每日十二點,佔領大學街上層。 下午一點,Be Water,自由活動。 學生會將會支持所有同學的自發行動。 不見不散。 光復香港。時代革命。

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Five Demands Not One Less Students with People We Stand – Response Statement from Students’ Unions of Higher Institutions towards Carrie Lam’s Public Announcement on 4 September 2019

  After all the brutal suppressions in the past three months, Carrie Lam publicly claimed that she will withdraw the extradition law amendment bill. It is not only a fatal error in assessing public opinion but also an insult to Hongkongers who have been fighting for freedom and protecting our basic rights, if Carrie Lam […]

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