Student Welfare|2018 World Cup Final Live Party

  The long wait has ended, and World Cup is back! Round of 16 has just finished: France, Uruguay, Russia, Croatia, Brazil, Belgium, Sweden and England had proceeded to the quarter finals, while tournament favourites including Argentina, Portugual, Spain were eliminated from the stage. Unexpected match results make it a lot harder to predict who […]

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One Country Two Systems: The Castle In The Air Will Soon Tumble Down – July 1 Declaration by Students’ Unions of Higher Institutions

  In 1984, China and the United Kingdom started negotiations on the future of Hong Kong, but the opinions of Hong Kong people were never considered. Eventually, on July 1, 1997, China seized Hong Kong’s sovereignty. At that time, Hong Kong people mistakenly believe in the Chinese regime as they extravagantly thought that “one country, […]

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Visit to Local Brewery

  There is perhaps nothing more relaxing than enjoying a cold brew in a hot summer. Generally, Hong Kong people consume beers that are produced in Europe, Japan or China. Actually, the locally-produced craft beers are also of high quality. To deepen students’ understanding of the local craft beers industry, The Hong Kong University Students’ […]

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