Statement from Student’s Union of Higher Institutions on the elevated movement on 21 June


For the past 12 days, Hongkongers took to the streets on numerous occasions, demanding for the withdrawal of the extradition bill. Yet, the HKSAR Government remained ignorant and refused to comply with any of Hongkonger’s demands. The Student’s Unions of Higher Institutions and various organisations offered an ultimatum to the Carrie Lam’s Government, requesting for a direct and meaningful response to the 4 demands. As expected, the HKSAR Government once again turned a blind eye against the cries of the people, and even chose to hide behind the locked doors of the Government Headquarters just to avoid responding to our demands.
The HKSAR Government’s shamelessness forced Hongkongers to initiate another non-cooperation movement on 21st of June, including surrounding the Police Headquarters and the Revenue Tower. However, the regime only sent out a police negotiation expert for less than a minute, whereas the officials that should take up the responsibility of facing the people continued to hide behind the wall. The Government officials allowed blatant abuse of police power, we felt furious and extremely disappointed at such spineless behaviours.
We also strongly condemn the Hong Kong Police Force for slandering protestors, that the protestors have blocked the paramedics from entering the Police Headquarters to do their duty. In fact, the entrance to the Police Headquarters had remained clear and accessible, protestors have made way for the paramedics. It was the Police themselves who refused to open the gates for the medical attendants, causing this delay of rescuing. Misrepresenting the facts and shifting the blame onto protestors is a despicable and low-minded move from the Police, this only makes people despise and adds on to the series of shameful behaviours the Police had showcased in the public over the past week.
Therefore, the Student’s Unions of Higher Institutions reiterate the following demands:
(1) Withdraw the Fugitive Offenders (Amendment) Bill completely and permanently;
(2) Retract the statement which defines the protest on 12 June as riot;
(3) Drop all charges against protesters;
(4) and Establish an independent Investigation Committee, investigate and prosecute police brutality.
We firmly believe that before the above demands are answered, Hongkongers will not put a halt to the fight against this tyrannical regime. The non-cooperation movement shall continue in the near future. The broken eggs threw on the wall of the Police Headquarters did not only show the anger of the people, but also our determination to fight against the high wall. For martyr who sacrificed his life, for our beloved homeland, we must do whatever it takes.

22 June 2019

The Student Union of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students’ Union
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Students’ Union
Hong Kong Baptist University Students’ Union
The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong Students’ Union
Provisional Executive Committee of City University of Hong Kong Students’ Union
Provisional Executive Committee of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Students’ Union
Joint Student Union of Caritas Institute of Higher Education and Caritas Bianchi College of Careers
The Provisional Executive Council of The Education University of Hong Kong Students’ Union
The Hong Kong University Students’ Union