A Letter to All Citizens of Hong Kong from The Hong Kong University Students’ Union – What They Were We Will All Become

Dear all Hong Kong citizens, The Hong Kong government has been ignoring the citizens’ opposition and persisting in ramming the Extradition Bill through. Yesterday, citizens have taken to the streets, confronting the regime. At midnight, protesters announced their resolve to stay on site to stop the Bill from passing at all costs. Since the Umbrella […]

Movie Screening: Ten Years

  “How many decades do we have?” The March Opposing the Extradition Laws Amendment on 9 June was a milestone in civil movement in Hong Kong, yet the regime declined to withdraw the amendment bill. The determination of over a million people became a joke to the government and the deceased became their political dupe. […]

HKUSU Petition to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the Extradition Laws Amendment Bill

  Student Petition Link:https://forms.gle/DNZ7AT7d6WcMrabq7  Alumni Petition Link:https://forms.gle/1jgth5zNEQg9yXPV6 Petition Letter:http://bit.ly/2wu5RnP Live Update Petition List:http://bit.ly/2K8M1GZ The Hong Kong government has recently pushed for an amendment to the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinances under the facade of closing non-existent loopholes and the tragic murder in Taiwan. Under the proposed amendment, once prima facie […]

30th Anniversary of the June-Fourth Incident Forum Held by the Students’ Unions of Higher Institutions

  It has been 30 years since the June-Fourth Incident, which still has a lot of influence on Hong Kong’s democratic movements and student movements throughout the past 3 decades. The Incident stretches through several generations, as every one of them has different perceptions or feelings on it. The young and old would have different […]

Cleaning of the Pillar of Shame and Repainting Swire Bridge

  HKU students have never forgotten that 30 years ago, Beijing students took to the streets to fight for a clean government, integrity and freedom, but they were suffered massacre by the Chinese government. Such democratic movement aroused Hong Kong people’s pursuit of democracy and at the same time, changed our attitude towards the transfer […]

A Letter to Hongkongers from the Hong Kong University Students’ Union on the Verdict of the Occupy Central Case

Hongkongers: Associate Professor Benny Tai, Professor Chan Kin-man, and Reverend Chu Yiu Ming have been advocating “Let Love and Peace Occupy Central” since 2013 which led to the largest civil disobedience in Hong Kong history – the Umbrella Movement. More than a million Hongkongers demanded the withdrawal of the 831 Decision made by the Standing […]

University Committee Briefing Session

  The recruitment of student representatives for the coming session of University Committees shall commence soon. In order to enhance students’ understanding towards University Committees, the University Affairs Committee, HKUSU Council is now organizing University Committee Briefing Session before selection. The details of the Briefing are listed as follows: Date: 11th April (Thursday) Time: 1900-2000 […]

Dancing with the Devil – Statement from Students’ Unions of Higher Institutions on Opposition to the Amendment to Extradition Laws

  The Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019 (“The Bill”) has been submitted to the Legislative Council by the HKSAR government recently. The Bill has been published in the Gazette on 29th March, with First Reading on 3rd April. The amendment will allow the HKSAR government to surrender […]

PlayStation®4 大專生限時出機優惠

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