A Letter to All Citizens of Hong Kong from The Hong Kong University Students’ Union – What They Were We Will All Become

Dear all Hong Kong citizens,

The Hong Kong government has been ignoring the citizens’ opposition and persisting in ramming the Extradition Bill through. Yesterday, citizens have taken to the streets, confronting the regime. At midnight, protesters announced their resolve to stay on site to stop the Bill from passing at all costs.

Since the Umbrella Revolution, the Chinese and Hong Kong Communist regimes have ensued rampant suppression towards Hong Kong through NPCSC Interpretations, disqualification of LegCo members and a series of political persecution. Every act of the regime has been jeopardizing our core values. Now, the Hong Kong regime led by Carrie Lam even proposes the Extradition Bill, which would undermine the fundamental human rights of every Hong Kong citizen and foreigners.

Although protesters may have different means of struggle, we have the same goal. Protesters fought and resisted, in order to urge the Hong Kong government to accept citizens’ opinions and retrieve the Bill, protecting the freedoms of Hong Kong citizens from being threatened. We sincerely urge citizens of Hong Kong, political parties and other civil societies to respect each other in our common efforts. The end will be the same for all once the Bill passes.

We will stand by the protesters.

The Hong Kong University Students’ Union
11 June 2019