The Hong Kong University Students' Union (HKUSU) is a non-profit organisation established in 1912 serving more than 16,000 students of the University of Hong Kong.

Of the highest authority of the Union are the General Meeting (GM) and the General Polling (GP), the quorum of both of which is 10% of all full members. Second highest in authority is the Union Council , which afford a recognised means of communication between the general student body and university authorities. An Executive Committee, elected in the way of Annual Election, acts as the execution body for HKUSU.

The aims of the Union, which lay in its constitution, are:


To promote the welfare of the student body;


To act as a bridge between the student body and the University authority in furthering the interests of the students and the University as a whole;


To identify the student body with social issues in the interests of the people of Hong Kong;


To represent the student body both locally and internationally.

Student bodies of HKUSU include campus media and around 130 affiliated student organisations. These students bodies are categorised into five main groups: Faculty and Academic Societies, Hall Students' Associations, Sports Clubs (forming Sports Association, HKUSU), Cultural Clubs (forming Cultural Association, HKUSU) and Independent Clubs (forming Independent Clubs Association, HKUSU).

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In 1912, the Hong Kong University Students' Union was founded. It was first named as the Hong Kong University Union (HKUU). In 1945, the Union was re-organised after the Second World War, and was renamed as Hong Kong University Students' Society (HKUSS). In 1949, the Union was registered as an independent student organisation in Hong Kong.

The first committee
& its members

When the Union was first established, the Governors of Hong Kong took up the post of President of the Union. Back then, the Union only had three executive committee members, which were the Chairperson, the Honorary Secretary, and the Financial Secretary.

The Council consisted of two independent members in addition to one teaching staff and one student representative from Arts Association, Medical Society, Engineering Society, and Sports Association respectively.

There was also a Business Manger and an Editorial Board, which consisted of an Editor-in-Chief and an Assistant Editor-in-Chief.

Today's committee
& its members

In 1945, the first popularly elected executive committee was elected.

Today, the Union consists of 13 executive committee members, namely the President, Vice-Presidents (Internal and External), General Secretary, Financial Secretary, External Affairs Secretaries, Student Welfare Secretary, Publications and Publicity Secretary, Current Affairs Secretary, Administrative Secretary, and the Presidents from the Sports Association, Cultural Association and Independent Clubs Association ex-officio.

Location for meeting
or gathering

The Union was first located in the Students' Union Building (later renamed Hung Hing Ying Building and declared a historic monument) when it was found. In 1949, a three-storey Union Building was established next to the Main Library. The Union Building was relocated to the Composite Building in the West Gate in October 1985.

The Union Building has now developed into a multi-purpose area where various facilities are offered for students. There are function rooms, restaurants, a co-op store which sells stationery and souvenirs, and a spacious common area for leisure and gathering purposes.