Home Ablaze in Barbarity – A Letter to All Hongkongers from the Hong Kong University Students’ Union



Hong Kong has fallen.

Last night, the police once again violently suppressed the protest. Rubber bullets and bean bag rounds were deployed against protestors with no early warning. At not so far Yuen Long, mafias and triads dressed in white attacked citizens, protestors and passersby indiscriminately, in an act of terror. The police willfully turned a blind eye on these acts, leaving citizens open to assault.

The regime is pathetically relying on the cooperation between police and triad to sustain its rule through terror. The regime connived at the ridiculous atrocities against its citizens and condoned its minions’ dreadful deeds in the past month, leaving us to suffer the unbearable. The evilest is whom even the beast despises!

The two tormenting conflicts in Shatin and Yuen Long reeled off the fact that no one can be spared from these conflicts, whether you are willing participant or not. The only way forward for Hongkongers is to take protection to ourselves. The collapse of the established institution shows us no prospect for reform. We must build our own city out of the ashes where the establishment has failed us to bring hope through the shadows of Hong Kong.

We are outraged, we are grieving, but we shall not yield. Let us be the fighters for our freedom, rights and our city’s liberation.

Hongkongers’ determination in pursuit of democracy and liberty has only grown stronger after the torment of fire and sword. Justice will be served on the regime eventually, come what may.

Ignite to reclaim Hong Kong
Save ourselves from the tyranny

The Hong Kong University Students’ Union
22nd July 2019