Hong Kong SARS Heroes Commemoration


At the end of 2002, a new infectious disease broke out at Shunde, Guangdong, which was around 100 km from Hong Kong. And the disease, later named SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), spread across the globe very soon after stepping into 2003. Under the dome of SARS, Hong Kong turned into a dead city from the metropolis she used to be, crammed by the fear of the disease.

1755 were infected and 299 of them lost their precious lives in the epidemic, and 75 children lost their parents in this tragedy. Behind the numbers of infected and deceased on the news, all healthcare workers over this land fought with their best against SARS, regardless of their positions. By the side of all medical care workers, neighbours watched each other’s back, and eventually WHO removed Hong Kong from the list of ‘Affected Areas’. Although 8 medical workers sacrificed their lives in the battle against SARS, we honour them as the heroes of this city for they left us the wellbeing and virtues of humankind.

15 years flew by and the status of those who died in their line of duty have been standing against the current of time. We shall not forget their unconditional dedication to our city. The Hong Kong University Students’ Union is joining the commemoration, and express our greatest gratitude towards the dedication of all medical care workers during the period of SARS. The details are as follow:

Date: 23 June (Sat)
Time: 1930
Venue: SARS Memorial, near Tai Chi Garden, Hong Kong Park, Central