Liberate HKU Defend Our City


Today marked the second month of the Hongkongers’ movement against the Extradition Law Amendment Bill.

In the past month, Hong Kong citizens have shown their high standard of civic literacy, winning the respect of the world. Still, our demands have yet to be met and we dare not to slacken our efforts. Let alone the government’s disregard for the voices of the protesters, it is even more shameful as the regime has shielded the police from abusing their power. This early summer, it is as if Hong Kong is governed by the military government. Hong Kong is now filled with white terror. Citizens not only lost their freedom of assembly and demonstration, but they also have to live under the brutality of the police.

We lost some of our fellows owing to the haughtiness of Carrie Lam. Albeit with the anger of the young generation, the habitual liar Carrie Lam still turns a blind eye to the demands of the protesters. In turmoil, many social elites have stood with the protesters and expressed their discontent towards the government’s unreasonable suppression. Even some University presidents have expressed their support for students all the way. Yet, unfortunately, our new Pro Vice-Chancellor Xiang Zhang has been consistently ignorant since the commencement of his term of office, as if he is completely isolated from the world. It is such dismay for an educator as he made a hasty statement without even understanding the incidents thoroughly, not to mention communicating with students and protesters directly.

An educator ought to understand students’ views and opinions through frequent communication. Xiang Zhang urges all sectors to communicate, yet, he never attempted to interact with students. With the extensive media coverage, it should not be difficult to know about the protesters’ ideas. Xiang Zhang should have known that it is the government’s disregard for the voices of the protesters that pushed the citizens into a corner. They have no choice but to force their way into the Legislative Council that belongs to the citizens. During the process, the protesters even showed their rationality as they acted on their own initiatives to protect the antiques and archives. There was no casualty as well. It is obvious that while Carrie Lam blatantly ignores the cry of many, the citizens are just exhausting themselves to pressurize the tyranny.

The moral standard of Xiang Zhang is totally unacceptable as an intellectual. He never condemns the regime for ignoring the citizens; He never condemns the police for being abusive and violent; He never responds to the various suicides due to the regime. Instead, he condemned the people who bravely fight against the tyranny. Seemingly, to him, the University’s motto “Sapientia et Virtus” does not exist anymore. We do not expect Xiang Zhang to support all the disobedience, but being the head of the highest institution, he shall take up the responsibility to protect and defend the students.

HKU as one of the very few bastions of freedom in Hong Kong, We HKU students shall be committed to protecting her from being devastated by the regime. What Xiang Chang has done is undoubtedly a disgrace to HKU. The head of our University shall not be cold-blooded and unsympathetic. We hereby invite Xiang Zhang attends the assembly at Sun Yat-sen Place on Friday night, face the students and respond to the three requests made:

Retract the statement made on 3 July 2019
Undertake to protect the freedom of expression of all HKU students and staff
Undertake not to take any disciplinary action against the HKU students and staff who participated in the recent social movements.

Details of the assembly are as follows:

Date: 12/7/2019 (Friday)
Time: 8 p.m.
Venue: Sun Yat-sen Place