The Students’ Union of Higher Institutions Boycott Classes Community Action Day | HKU Street Station

  The Students’ Union of Higher Institutions will be holding a Community Action Day on the 6th September (Friday). All students of higher institutions will be encouraged to set up stations on streets all over different districts in Hong Kong and hold public screening, promoting the ideology on boycotting classes reinforcing our aim of “five […]

Reports on Hall and Orientation Camp Visits

University Affairs Committee, HKUSU Council and Current Affairs Committee, HKUSU Council have jointly conducted hall and orientation camp visits on Class Boycott during 21st to 31st August. The visit aimed at explaining the objectives and special arrangements of the Class Boycott Campaign. The opinions received and our response are as follows: Some students have expressed […]

Public Lectures: The Evolution of Hong Kong Protest: From Occupy Central to Anti-Extradition Bill Movement

  The Union will be organising public lectures on Tuesday and Thursday in the coming two weeks in response to the aim ‘Boycott Classes, Not Education’ of the Class Boycott Campaign. Professionals from various sectors will be invited for knowledge exchange with fellow students to deepen their understanding of the society and thus ponder its […]

A Point of No Turning Back – Now We are the Masters of Our Fate – Joint Statement from Secondary School Student Organisations and Students’ Unions of Higher Institutions on the Class Boycott commencing in September

The Anti Extradition Law Amendment Bill (Anti-ELAB) Movement has been going on for 3 months, the Hong Kong Government refused to bat an eye on the 5 demands of the people, and even instigated brutal crackdowns on protests. When we started getting accustomed to batons, tear gas and all sorts of anti-riot firearms, the Government […]

Shuttle Buses Service for the class boycott assembly

The Students’ Unions of Higher Institutions will hold the “Students in Unity, Boycott for our city” Assembly on 2 September, 2019, at the University Mall, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Shuttle bus service will be provided for convenience. Pick-up Locations: (1) Outside Main Building (2) Jockey Club Village I (3) Jockey Club Village II […]

The Hong Kong University Students’ Union’s Statement on HKU Students Being Unreasonbly Detained in China

  The Union has been informed that several HKU students are being detained by Chinese Public Security. The Union is currently in contact with their families and University authorities. The Union will offer every possible assistance in securing their safety. The Union has also received complaints from Full Members that during trips to China for […]

Hall and Orientation Camp Visits

  Hall and Orientation Camp visits will be conducted by the University Affairs Committee, HKUSU Council and Current Affairs Committee, HKUSU Council. During the friendly visit, we will explain the aims and related arrangements of class boycott. Schedule for hall visits is as follows: 23/8 University Hall 27/8 Suen Chi Sun Hall 28/8 Morrison Hall […]

Joint Statement by Students’ Unions of Higher Institutions General Strike – Bring the Brutes to Justice, Bring Freedom to Hong Kong

  Hongkongers, we shall not connive at the abuse of power and violence by the Hong Kong Police Force. Students’ Unions of higher institutions hereby call for a general strike from all Hongkongers for an indefinite period, until the outlaws in Hong Kong Police Force were brought to justice and the Hong Kong Communist regime […]

Statement on the arbitrary arrest of the President of BUSU from Students’ Unions of Higher Institutions

  This afternoon, the President of the Hong Kong Baptist University Students’ Union, Keith Fong, was arrested in Ap Liu Street, Sham Shui Po. After purchasing a laser pointer, Fong was stopped and searched by Police officers in plain clothes, he was then arrested for possession of offensive weapon. He was sent to Caritas Medical […]