Union Superpass

  The semester is coming to an end soon. As exams and assignment deadlines are approaching, the Students’ Union will support our students and distribute a series of welfare products next week at our Union Superpass booth at Sun Yat-sen Place and 1/F, Union Building (Area outside Union Office). Students will receive a welfare pack […]

Hong Kong Pride Parade 2018

  The Hong Kong University Students’ Union will join the Hong Kong Pride Parade 2018 on the coming Saturday. We hereby call on students and the general public to join the parade! Details are as follows: Date 17th November 2018 (Sat) Time: 1330 Route: Victoria Park to Edinburgh Place Assembly at Edinburgh Place: Performance and […]

Kites Rise Higher Against Wind – Statement by the Hong Kong University Students’ Union on The Infringement of Freedom of Expression in Hong Kong

  Australian Chinese political artist, Badiucho, originally planned to hold an exhibition “Gongle” in Wong Chuk Hang on November 3. In the exhibition, 19 works which are related to political issues such as umbrella movement and the Causeway Bay bookstore incident would be exhibited. Initially, considering the personal safety of Badiucho, the organiser did not […]

Remembrance Day

  A century ago, on 11 November, the First World War ended, and over 16 million people sacrificed for a brief moment of peace. To commemorate those who died in the line of duty and to show commitment to peace, from 1919, Hong Kong, together with member states of the Commonwealth of Nations, have observed […]

Tai Tam Reservoirs Hiking Tour

  Tai Tam Reservoir Group is one of the declared monuments in Hong Kong. It was built between 1888 and 1917. Most historic facilities including the Reservoir, dams, pumping stations, valve houses are still in operation nowadays. On the way to Tai Tam Country Trail, we will walk past Mount Parker Road Green Trail as […]

Open Letter from the Hong Kong University Students’ Union to the Advisory Committee on Council Chairmanship

  Dear Sir David Kwok-po Li, Professor Xiang Zhang, Mrs Margaret May Yee Ko Leung, Professor Rosie Tse Tse Young, The Hong Kong University Students’ Union had invited you to a public consultation forum for the Advisory Committee on Council Chairmanship to facilitate the exchange of ideas and thoughts on the candidate for the new […]

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may”- The Joint Statement by The Hong Kong University Students’ Union and Academic Staff Association of The University of Hong Kong in the Interim Provostship

  Currently, the media reported the controversy towards the status of Professor K.H. Tam’s Interim Provostship. The selection of the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University has been halted for over two years. During this period, Tam claims himself as “Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor” instead of “Interim Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor”. The Hong Kong […]

High Table Dinner 2018

  The Union is organising High Table Dinner 2018, which aims to facilitate communication among students and to provide a platform for academic exchange through guest’s sharing. All members are cordially invited to join this event. Details are as follows: Date: 16th November 2018 (Friday) Time: 19:00 (Reception begins at 18:30) Venue: Loke Yew Hall […]

Graduation Photography Service

  The Union is going to organise a graduation photo shooting service with Sense Production for graduates to mark an important moment of their lives. Details of the service are as follows: Date: 24 – 25 November (Saturday – Sunday) & 1 – 2 December (Saturday – Sunday) Venue: 1/F, Union Building, HKU For interested […]

The Hong Kong University Students’ Union’s Invitation to “Advisory Committee on Council Chairmanship” to the Student Consultation

  Dear Sir David Kwok-po Li, Professor Xiang Zhang, Mrs Margaret May Yee Ko Leung, Profesor Rosie Tse Tse Young, In the 2016 Review on University Governance, instead of allowing the Chief Executive to directly appoint the Chairman of the Council, an “Advisory Committee on Council Chairmanship” was established to provide recommendations on suitable candidates […]