Statement from Student’s Union of Higher Institutions on the elevated movement on 21 June

  For the past 12 days, Hongkongers took to the streets on numerous occasions, demanding for the withdrawal of the extradition bill. Yet, the HKSAR Government remained ignorant and refused to comply with any of Hongkonger’s demands. The Student’s Unions of Higher Institutions and various organisations offered an ultimatum to the Carrie Lam’s Government, requesting […]

We Shall Meet at Admiralty

Following the statement from Student’s Unions of Higher Institutions, the HKSAR Government announced that the government headquarters will be closed on 21 June for security reasons. The CE office claimed that they would “approach teenagers at a more appropriate time in the future and understand their opinions.” This is in fact another evasion of any […]

Statement from Student’s Unions of Higher Institutions on the regime’s indifferent response to people

  Carrie Lam, in the press conference in regard to the Fugitive Offenders (Amendment) Bill dated 18 June, not only refused to withdraw the Bill, but also failed to address the demands of Hongkongers. Her pathetic attempt in convincing Hongkongers to give up our demands with a “sincere apology” only showed her shamelessness and arrogance. […]


  昨日(六月十五日)下午四時,一名青年男子身處太古廣場平台危站,身穿黃衣外套,掛起「反送中」之訴求標語,向極權政府宣示決心,以死相諫。約九時許,男子爬出棚架,最後墮樓不治身亡。 殉道烈士以死明志,以淋漓鮮血控訴暴政,我等對此致以最崇高敬意,並冀各位能於明日遊行後留下,屆時晚上大專學界將於太古廣場外舉行悼念儀式,一同為殉道者默哀,詳情如下: 時間:六月十六日 晚上九時正 地點:金鐘道西行車路(太古廣場旁) 備註:屆時將會派發白花及白絲帶 暴政已將人民逼至絕路,請大家時刻銘記血的教訓。 切勿言棄。 香港中文大學學生會 The Student Union of The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港城市大學學生會 City University of Hong Kong Students’ Union 明愛專上學院及明愛白英奇專業學校聯合學生會 Joint Student Union of Caritas Institute of Higher Education and Caritas Bianchi College of Careers 香港浸會大學學生會 Hong Kong Baptist University Students’ Union 香港演藝學院學生會 The Hong Kong […]

Protect Yourselves

  We encourage students to participate in the rally organised by Civil Rights Front tomorrow. In view of the violent oppression by the Hong Kong Police Force on 12 June, we advise students to evaluate the risk of participation and adopt adequate safety measures. Details of the rally are as follow: Date: 16 June 2019 […]

Stand Up Lawyers! Legal Patrol Scheme

  Current Affairs Committee, HKUSU Council is now initiating the “Legal Patrol Scheme” recruiting all legal professionals and legal students. In the 2014 Taiwan Sunflower Student Movement, the Executive Yuan was occupied to echo the occupation of the Legislative Yuan, the actions were met with illegal and excessive violence from police. In the face of […]

Legal Sharing Session: Our Rights Before Police Power

  The Current Affairs Committee will be holding a legal sharing session, and it is our honour to invite Mr Tien Kei Rui to talk about our rights before police power. Details of the session are as follow: Date: 15 June 2019 Time: 1500 Venue: Union Foyer, Union Building, HKU (Entrance restricted to HKU students) […]

A Letter to All Citizens of Hong Kong from The Hong Kong University Students’ Union – What They Were We Will All Become

Dear all Hong Kong citizens, The Hong Kong government has been ignoring the citizens’ opposition and persisting in ramming the Extradition Bill through. Yesterday, citizens have taken to the streets, confronting the regime. At midnight, protesters announced their resolve to stay on site to stop the Bill from passing at all costs. Since the Umbrella […]

Movie Screening: Ten Years

  “How many decades do we have?” The March Opposing the Extradition Laws Amendment on 9 June was a milestone in civil movement in Hong Kong, yet the regime declined to withdraw the amendment bill. The determination of over a million people became a joke to the government and the deceased became their political dupe. […]

HKUSU Petition to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the Extradition Laws Amendment Bill

  Student Petition Link:  Alumni Petition Link: Petition Letter: Live Update Petition List: The Hong Kong government has recently pushed for an amendment to the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinances under the facade of closing non-existent loopholes and the tragic murder in Taiwan. Under the proposed amendment, once prima facie […]