Reports on Hall and Orientation Camp Visits

University Affairs Committee, HKUSU Council and Current Affairs Committee, HKUSU Council have jointly conducted hall and orientation camp visits on Class Boycott during 21st to 31st August. The visit aimed at explaining the objectives and special arrangements of the Class Boycott Campaign. The opinions received and our response are as follows:

Some students have expressed their concern on failing to comply with courses’ requirements, if they have opted to join the campaign.
The Union understands the possible impacts to students’ learning progress due to participation in the Campaign. Discussions are conducted with the University on the special arrangements and support in response to the Campaign, including the possibility of adjusting attendance requirement flexibly, delaying the deadlines on assignments, uploading recorded lectures online, etc. If students would like to know the detailed arrangement of any specific faculty, you may find the latest information from the ten Faculties at

Some students have questioned the details and goals of the Campaign. As students of HKU and the future of Hong Kong, we should take it upon ourselves in standing alongside with Hongkongers to resist this totalitarian regime. It is our responsibility to voice out for the injustice in society and call for support for the Anti-Extradition Bill Movement. It is well believed that the Campaign could gather students to join the fight of all HongKongers against this totalitarian regime.

Many of the students have made enquiries on the “Escalated Action” after the two-week-long Class Boycott Campaign. The Student Unions of Higher Institutions in Hong Kong have urged the regime to positively respond to the “Five Demands” before 20:00 on 13th of September. Otherwise, the Students’ Unions would take escalated actions in order to further put pressure on the government. The details of the follow-up action would be confirmed and announced soon on this Facebook page.

The Union hereby express her gratitude to all sub-organizations who participated in the “Sub-Organization Visit” Campaign . Should you have any enquiries regarding the campaign, please feel free to inbox our page.