Response from the Union Executive Committee on the Damaging of Democracy Wall


Recently, some posts on the Democracy Wall have been removed without authorization and the Democracy Wall was vandalized with paint. These actions tarnish the freedom of speech and expression, and may amount to Criminal Damage. The Union Executive Committee strongly condemns such acts and reserves the right to take legal actions against the perpetrators.

The Democracy Wall is a platform for students of the University to freely express their views. The Union Executive Committee encourages students to voice their opinions on recent social events to facilitate discussion. Users of the Democracy Wall must follow the rules posted on the Democracy Wall. The Union Executive Committee deplores acts of Criminal Damage to the Democracy Wall in curtailing the freedom of speech and expression. Pursuant to the Internal Regulation of the Union, only the General Secretary and Administrative Secretary of the Union may manage the Democracy Wall, including removal of articles infringing the regulations.

Any complaints against posts on the Democracy Wall shall be directed to the Chairperson of the Judicial Committee of the Union Council.

Executive Committee of The Hong Kong University Students’ Union
October 2, 2019