Review Trilogy


The HKU Council Chairman Appointment Review Commission 2018 (the Commission) will organise a series of actions in response to the appointment of Council Chairman, which includes:

1. Joint Appeal

HKUSU has issued a joint appeal with the Academic Staff Association of The University of Hong Kong and HKU Alumni Concern Group on 1 January, calling for review and amendment in the procedure to appoint Council members not being students or employees of the University in Statue XVIII of the University of Hong Kong; and that the appointment of the Council Chairman be vested in the Council as recommended by the Review Panel on University Governance. The petition has started from 1 January until 21 January, and we cordially invite all students, alumni, teachers and staff members of, and organisations within the University to join this petition. The petition will be handed to the University at noon on 21 January.

Link of cosignatory:

Link of joint appeal:

2. Review Report

The Commission is writing a review report on the 2018 Council Chairman Appointment, representing students’ interest, conveying students’ opinion, and suggesting recommendations and proposals for future appointments.

3. General Polling

According to the resolution made in the 9th Ordinary Council Meeting of HKUSU Council, the Union shall convene a General Polling from 28 January to 1 February, at the same time as the Annual Election, on the motion that “At least one student representative shall be included in the appointing body of the Chairman of the Council of the University of Hong Kong, and the body shall consult students in the course of appointment.”

According to the Union Constitution, the motion shall only be declared carried when the number of votes cast is no less than 10% of the total Full Membership of the Union; and if the number of votes cast for the motion exceeds the number of votes cast against the said motion and the aggregate number of the votes for and against the said motion exceeds the number of abstain votes.