Student Welfare | Discounted Tickets for Ocean Park Halloween Fest


Let’s come and join the Halloween Party at the Ocean Park! Visit all the uniquely themed haunted houses for exciting scares! Pick up your ghost-detecting torch and expect a nasty surprise as you adventure in a dilapidated hospital! For the first time in Hong Kong, warp into an interactive, hyper-reality multimedia horror installation! This beautiful but spooky alternate dimension cleverly infuses stunning 360° projections. Plunge into a mysterious watery abyss, or encounter creepy clowns and carnival freaks behind the bright circus stage! You can also join the Halloween Party together with the adorable characters! The fun and fear never stop at Ocean Park Halloween Fest, whether it’s light or dark!

Student Union Special Halloween Offer
Date: 12-14, 17-21, 25-28 & 31 Oct, 2018
Time: 10am to 11pm
SU Special Offer: HK$408 per student with a FREE Soy sauce chicken leg

Please download the ordering form in the following link and proceed to the Union Office to complete the payment to place an order for ticket. The deadline for ordering is 9 October.…

For enquiries, please contact LIU Ho Fai Franco, Student Welfare Secretary of HKUSU, Session 2018, via