Students’ Unions of Higher Institutions call for Class Boycott from 2 September


Stepping into the third month of the movement, no proper response was received on the Five Demands of the Hongkongers, more protestors were wrongfully arrested and beaten up, the perished are far from seeing justice served while the regime continues its tyranny. “The way of ultimate wisdom is the comprehension of absolute integrity, genial development of the common people and endless pursuit of the perfection of humanities.” As students, we shoulder the responsibility of defending justice and protecting our city. In face of this calamity, students’ unions of higher institutions call for the participation of all university and secondary school students in a class boycott staring on 2 September to show our persevering determination to this tyrannical regime.

We will organise a class boycott assembly on 2 September, the details are as follows:
Date: 2nd September (Monday)
Time: 3:30 pm
Venue: University Mall, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

We welcome all university and secondary school students to join the assembly. We shall hold on to our conscience and fight on.