The Hong Kong University Students’ Union’s Invitation to “Advisory Committee on Council Chairmanship” to the Student Consultation


Dear Sir David Kwok-po Li, Professor Xiang Zhang, Mrs Margaret May Yee Ko Leung, Profesor Rosie Tse Tse Young,

In the 2016 Review on University Governance, instead of allowing the Chief Executive to directly appoint the Chairman of the Council, an “Advisory Committee on Council Chairmanship” was established to provide recommendations on suitable candidates to be the HKU Council Chairman to the Chief Executive for the appointment. Disappointingly, although the dust settles, it is obvious that students’ and staff members’ voices are not considered thoroughly. We are writing to express our expectations towards the new Council Chairman.

The Council Chairman should be someone accepted by all HKU members. The Advisory Committee must consult different stakeholders in the University before providing recommendations. Currently, there have been constant disputes occurring within the Council. The Chairperson must be capable to safeguard the institutional autonomy, academic freedom and freedom of speech. The Council Chairman should also be responsible to all HKU students and staff members for his acts both internally and externally. In accordance with the result of a General Polling in 2015, two motions were overwhelmingly carried as more than five thousand students casted their votes to say no to Professor Li. It’s deemed that he is not a suitable candidate to be the Council Chairman, nor suitable for any posts in the structure of University Governance.

Hereby, we are sincerely inviting you to attend the Public Consultation held by the Students’ Union, which serves as a free platform for opinion expression. The details are as follows.

Date: 29 October 2018/ 1 November 2018/ 5 November 2018/ 8 November 2018
Time: 12:00 – 13:00
Venue: G/F, Composite Building

A sea is vast, as it rejects no stream; A mountain is high, as it rejects no dust. Stepping to the real co-governance by both students and the University, instead of being the excuse of the Chancellor’s Council Chairmanship appointment, the Advisory Committee shall face in the crown with sincerity.

Yours sincerely,
The Hong Kong University Students’ Union
25th October 2018