Unity for Democracy-Align With the World


For three months, Hongkongers have been fighting on the streets for freedom and democracy, in pursuit of the Five Demands. We cannot connive at the brutality by the police, and we can never forget our fellow Hongkongers who have been sacrificing for our city.

As an international city, Hong Kong is receiving global attention, and the world is witnessing this pro-democracy movement. We are honoured to have friends from all around the globe, including government officials and politicians from different countries, standing with Hong Kong, supporting our fight for freedom. We shall continue our endeavours in recruiting international’s support, for Hong Kong is important to the world.

HKU is a place that embraces diversity with students from all parts of the world. Our international schoolmates may have limited access to information on this movement due to multiple reasons such as the language barrier, but many of them certainly care about this city and would like to know more about this movement.

In view of this, University Affairs Committee, HKUSU Council and Current Affairs Committee, HKUSU Council will organise the “Unity for Democracy – Align With The World” assembly to bring all the students together, to stand with Hong Kong and fight for freedom. The rationale of the assembly is to connect international students in HKU by explaining and exchanging views regarding the pro-democracy movement, hoping to gain more attention from the world. Both local and international students are welcomed to join the assembly. The details of the Assembly are as follows:

Date: 25th September (Wednesday)
Time: 19:00-21:00
Language: English
Venue: Sun Yat-sen Place, The University of Hong Kong

Hongkongers’ fight for freedom and democracy is far from over. We shall always stand with our fellow Hongkongers, until we see the day of Hong Kong’s liberation from the totalitarian regime.